Nutrient aspect

Mango is superior fruits in regards of nutrients.

Mango is the richest in pro-vitamin A among all fresh fruits!

Vitamin A (beta-carotene)is essential to keeping healthy skin by maintaining of epithelial tissues, such as the skin.

Vitamin A, C, E is powerful antioxidant vitamins and prevents anti-aging.

Foliate prevents anemia and hasten regenerating skin cells.

Potassium is most notable mineral in mangoes.

Soluble fibers increase probiotic bacteria.

Insoluble fibers clean up our digestive system.

Fascinating points

Mango farming has a huge potential to change the rural society more vigorous.

The fascinating points of Mangoes farming in semi-arid area of Kenya  from our viewpoints;

1.  Mangoes provides the plenty nutrition in the rural society!
People in the villages love Mangoes and mangoes contains abundant of vitamin A, B ,C , foliate and fibers.

2.  Mangoes can be a good resource of incomes in the rural society!

Good managements will bring the farmers good yield. We see the big potential to regional economy remains. Stable and reliable markets are essential.

3.  Rural society can maintain the regional environment!

Through planting the tree seedlings including Mango seedlings, the rural environment will be conserved in the long run.

4. Mango farming is very adaptable to harsh dry areas!

Mango trees are drought tolerant and can survive with a little rainfall.