The Company

The messages

“We are envisioning the ambitious Africa’s growth by Africans, spreading the peace and happiness.

We focus on the social development through our enterprise under the strong partnerships with communities and governmentorganizations in Kenya. There are high potential to give the vigor to rural society through the collaborating those. Moreover, we believe good synergies and passions infectiously spread all over the African society.”

Ayumi  Yamamoto

The background 1

1.Social aspect

Mango trees are drought tolerant and can be a good income resource in semi-arid area of Kenya
In southern parts of eastern Kenya (Machakos・Makueni・Kitui County) it is located in semi-arid area. In recent years, the climate changes affect the yield of maize and beans (which are staple foods). According to the report of Ministry of Agriculture, Machakos, in the rainy season of 2013 (March-May) 10% of farmers in Machakos sub-county harvested maize and 15% of farmers harvest beans. Kamba people, the regional tribe, prefer maize and beans. They are required to shift to the farm management which put importance on drought tolerant crops. These include fruits farming (mangoes, oranges, paw paws). The fruits have been doing well in the region despite the farmers not having a keen interest on them. Mango trees are drought tolerant and will be a great source of income if the farmers can be assured of stable and fair market and hence alleviate poverty.

The background 2

2. Economic aspect

The stable market would contribute to increased production in this region
Mango sub-sector is growing at the rate of 12% annually. According to the Survey implemented in 2012, the income derived from mangoes accounts for more than 20% out of the total household income in Eastern Province of Kenya, which implies the potentials to activate the economics of Eastern Province of Kenya. 73% of farmers in Eastern Province grow about 20 mango trees. Only 16% of commercial farmers grow more than 50 mango trees.

Small scale farmers grow mangoes for house consumption and they don’t put importance on them. If the stable market would be created, farmers would be pleased to plant mangoes as an inter crop of maize and beans. This means there is a regional potential to increase the number of mango trees for the source of income.

Corporate philosophy

1.We develop the safe and reliable products sourced by the Kenyan tasty fruits and other agro-products and delivered to household all over the world.

2. We continually create our enterprise with the clear vision to satisfy the customers who are seeking “tastiness, Healthy life and beauty”.

3.We contribute to the social development in Kenya and Eastern African through cherishing the strong partnership with local society, supporting and driving the force of vital local economic.

Mission of the Business

Through this enterprise, we target to create social impacts as follows.

1.To alleviate the regional problems in Kenya and contribute to the regional development and poverty reduction: By buying mangoes at stable and fair prices, thatwill be helpful to the rural society. We will also provide field officers to advice on production and farm management. This will further increase quality productivity.

2.To enhance the market presence of Kenyan fruits as the Kenyan Brand: We intend to develop appealing and fascinating Kenyan tropical fruits with rich flavors. We will promote them globally to raise the recognition of Kenyan fruits.

3.To boost the Kenyan interests on healthy life style: We will introduce and educate on the healthy and natural products to Kenyan especially for women and children.

4.Environmental conservation: We will promote the sustainable agriculture and contribute to maintain the environment by facilitating sustainable fruits production.

Healthy life with fruits

Fruits contain abundant of vitamins, minerals and fibers. For breakfast  or snacks, you can easily take. In Japan it is said “Eating Fruits in the morning is Gold.”You can take required nutrients for starting a daily life without cooking.

WHO(World Health Organization) recommends the intake of a minimum of 400g of FRUITS and VEGETABLES per day for the prevention of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer,diabetes and obesity and as well as for the prevention and alleviation of several micronutrient..